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Change of Direction

With exactly 2 months left until we leave for what should have been our Vegas trip, we had a change of direction and I am super excited to say that we are going to the Smoky Mountains instead.  I’ve been to both places before multiple times and while I do want to visit Vegas on the bike (and Route 66), I REALLY wanna ride the smoky mountains — especially in the Autumn.  So why did you change directions?  After several people backed out of Vegas due to personal reasons, I decided to just cancel the whole trip.  But I, and others, already had time off approved from work so rather than waste it, I hopped on the interwebs and searched for a place to go.  I was already thinking Gatlinburg, but after a quick search of nice rides within 1000mi of me turned up nothing except for there, I decided to go that direction.

So I told everyone that Vegas was cancelled but this was going forward and most everyone decided to stick around and go to Gatlinburg.  Only 3 backed out in the end so we still have a nice group heading east.  This will be my third ride into Tennessee, each time riding further east.  It will also be the furthest ride I’ve done to date, and the furthest travelled on the Interstate in one go — although most of this trip will take place on back roads.

So here we are, 2 months out and everything is booked and ready to go.  All I need to do now is change the oil in the bike and get her cleaned out and things packed and ready to go.  Luckily we will have a car with us so I don’t have to tote a bunch of luggage with me — that would suck for sure, and something I was dreading on the Vegas trip.  More to come soon, I’m sure, as we get closer to departure.  Hopefully others will use post as well — I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and views from the trip.

Our Next Ride