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What is 501Riders?

501Riders is a group of people who enjoy riding motorcycles, trikes, canams, etc.  We are not a club or an MC, or even an RC.  We are individuals who are looking to ride with a group of like-minded individuals and the best way to do that is to invite everyone along.  In a nutshell, we are a place where riders can go online to find people to ride with.  No meetings.  No clubhouse.  No bylwas.  None of that stuff.  Simply find a ride you want to ride, be it one we make or another you find on the Facebook group, sign up (if required), and show up.  That simple.

Are you affiliated with any MC/RC's?

No, and we don't plan to be either.  We are not a club, organization or anything like that; as such, riders are free to join any MC or RC they wish, or stay strictly independent.  

Are there any Membership Requirements?

In a nutshell, no.  That said, in order to RSVP for rides or events, you will need to join 501riders.com.  All this does is register you for notifications (if you want) and allow you to sign up for rides.  We don't sell your info and it is strictly used for the RSVP and notification systems.*  That said, there are a few basic things we need to throw out there.

1.  You must be 18+ and have a valid motorcycle endorsement or permit to join**.
2.  We purge inactive accounts and/or accounts with no RSVP activity from time to time.  Both on the Facebook Group and here at 501Riders.com.
3.  Your bike must be able to keep up with the group.  Most of our rides are several hours+ and include a variety of road-types.  From flat and straight to mountainy and twisty to interstates.
4.  Individual rides/events may have additional requirements.  

*Users who use Facebook to login and/or register at 501riders.com are subject to Facebook's privacy settings regarding their data and how it is used.
**If joining as a couple, one of the two of you must have a valid endorsement or permit.

I've seen some folks with a 501riders patch...how do I get one?

Unlike MC's and RC's, getting a 501Riders.com patch is as easy as making a purchase.  Simply visit our store and purchase your patch.  We offer small 4" patches that are great for the front of your vest, and we offer a larger, 10" patch for your back.  

How do I get notified of new rides and events?

Sign up for an account at 501riders.com and choose YES at the dropdown to receive notifications by email.

Why the RSVP? Why can't I just show up and ride?

On some rides, you can!  However, most of our rides are to a destination such as a restaurant or museum or something like that with a max visitor count.  Additionally, we like to know who is actually riding with us.  This helps us plan the ride out logistically as well as make any adjustments to the route or to the group makeup. The RSVP system also helps you out in a few ways.  You can easily see who is riding on the ride.  There are no maybe's.  Also, should the unfortunate happen, we will have emergency contact info for you. 


What am I supporting when I make a purchase at the 501Riders store or click an ad?

Mainly, you are buying your product.  We add a small markup to cover costs such as envelopes and bubble wrap and all that stuff, as well as pay for hosting for the website.  Any money left over goes for things like items for picnic lunches on rides, extra bottled waters, reservation fees and deposits, and things like that.

I have a problem, complaint or other issue...

If you have a problem with the website, such as signing up or RSVPing for a ride, email [email protected] and we'll help get you fixed.  

If you have a problem with another rider...take it up with them personally.  We are NOT here to babysit people, and we are NOT going to police grown adults problems.  


I don't like it here. How do I leave 501Riders?

We hate to see people go, but we understand that not everyone will find what they are looking for with 501Riders.  Simply click the link below to delete your account on 501Riders.com.  

Why do I see Vestra Interactive on my credit card or PayPal statement?

Vestra Interactive provides billing services to 501Riders.  You may see this name when making a purchase through PayPal or on your credit card / bank statements.  

501 Riders News and Updates

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