January Admin Notes

by | Jan 14, 2021

First, Happy (belated) New Year!  Thank goodness 2020 is done and over with, not that 2021 is looking much better so far, but here’s to hoping it will get better! 🍻  Anyway, a few things I wanted to pass on to everyone.

First, and I know a few of you have seen this around but I feel I need to reiterate it:  All rides, events, and information can be found at 501Riders.com.  If you are planning to leave Facebook, or know someone in the group who has, please make sure you (or them) follow us at 501Riders.com if you still want to join rides and participate in events.  We have forums there too so you can stay social with all of us, regardless of your social platform of choice.

Second.  We have 4 adventures planned for this year.  The first is Arkansas Highway 7 from End to End.  We will be driving down to El Dorado and staying the night Friday evening, then getting up earlyish Saturday and riding down to Louisiana, turning around and riding all the way to Missouri, where we will turn around and stay the night in Harrison.  On the way back, we will take AR-14 and various local roads to get us down back to US-65 and ultimately home.  More Information on this ride can be found here.  Our second adventure takes us to Eureka Springs for a 3-night stay at the Stonegate Lodge*.  While there, we will tour NW Arkansas and SW Missouri.  More information on our annual Eureka Springs adventure can be found here.  The third adventure is a 10 day ride to Dayton, Ohio via Little Sturgis, Makers Mark Distillery, Kentucky Horse Park, Serpent Mound, the National Museum of the United States Air Force, and more!  Get info about our Ohio trip here.  Finally, our last adventure of the year takes us along the entirety of Arkansas Highway 16 — from Searcy all the way to the Oklahoma Border.  We are still planning this one, but you can find get more info on this ride here.

Third, Last year, we spent a ton of time up in Northwest Arkansas.  From Jasper to Rogers to Fort Smith and lots of places in between, we probably rode a good 80% of the state highways up there last year alone!  This year, while we will still occasionally ride to NW Arkansas (We have to go to Jasper and Oark at least once a year!), we will focus primarily on west and north-central Arkansas.  In other words, from Van Buren to roughly DeQueen and from Jasper/Harrison to Bull Shoals.  We also have at least one or two East and South Arkansas rides planned.  If you have any suggestions on where to go, please let us know.

Fourth. 3-WHEELED RIDERS AND MEMBERS IN AND AROUND 479 – We have 2 sister-Facebook groups tailored just for you:
501 Riders – Hell on 3 Wheels!
is a group for our 3-wheel riding friends to plan rides and discuss things related to life on 3 wheels.  Lisa Scott and Cindy Lawson Adams are heading that group up.

479 Riders is a group for our members up in the northwest portion of the state.  John E Metz is in charge of that group.
We also have a Hot Springs division headed up by Hope Henning and Tom Benfield.  They don’t have their own group, but will be leading rides in the Hot Springs area.
Members of these groups are always welcome to attend any 501Riders event/ride they choose.

Fifth.  Please oh please oh please…make sure whatever email address you use to sign up for rides or login to 501Riders.com is valid and that you check it from time to time.  We remove accounts with invalid email addresses, and we send all important ride/event information via email.  If you signed up with your facebook or google id, please check your account and make sure the email is correct.  You can do that under the my account section of 501riders.com

Finally, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all the new people in our Facebook Group and Discord Server.  I look forward to seeing you on a ride soon.  If you have any questions about a ride, event, or 501Riders, please message me on Facebook or email me at [email protected]

*Stonegate Lodge may be full by the time you make your reservation.  Should that be the case, we have some alternate lodging selections on the event page.


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