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Ride Attendence

If you sign up for a ride, please make every effort to be there at the scheduled time. If you can't make it, be polite and cancel your RSVP.

How do I cancel my RSVP?  Simply press the "Cancel your booking" button on any event you have joined.

DO: Know proper ride formation

Unless otherwise told by the ride leader, we follow a staggered formation on all of our rides. If you are unsure as to what this means, please see the graphic below.

Staggered formation

DO: Know (and use) your hand signals

This goes without saying.  You should know your hand signals and when to use them. 

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DO: Keep up with the group
Please make every effort to keep up with the group and not lag behind.  Not only is this helpful to the front rider and those behind you, it's also safer for the group if we are relatively tight rather than spread out where cars may try to jump in the line.
If the group is split at an intersection, the ride leader will find a safe spot to pull off to allow you to catch up.  
DO: Have a general idea of the route

You never know when or if you will get separated from the group.  It could be a car pulling out in front of you and going slow (Read: Keep up with the group above), or it could be a mechanical issue or even an emergency fuel/bladder stop and you just had to pull off.

As a general rule, all of our rides will have the route either written out or a map of the route or both on the event page here at 501riders.  Please familiarize yourself with the route prior to departure.

DO: Fill up often

If we stop for gas, top off.  You never know when/if we will stop again.

DON'T do stupid things

Need we say more?

DON'T: Break off from the group...

Do the right thing and let the ride leader know if you plan on peeling off at any point.  If you do need to leave the ride early, at the stop prior to your departure, kindly put yourself in the back (yes, behind the trikes too, but in front of any cars/trucks riding with us) so as not to confuse anyone behind you into following you 🙂  99.9% of you are great at this, but it's happened before, so dotting all the i's, so to speak.