What happened to all the events…and other things?

by | May 3, 2021

If you have spent anytime on 501riders.com recently, you may have noticed that some things are missing or have moved.  You may also have noticed that you can’t login anymore.  Part of this is by design, and the other due to a bug in the code.  First, the bug.  Recently, some back-end maintenance was performed that caused some database corruption.  In restoring the database, I noticed that some data was missing or invalid, so I wiped all non-essential data from the site and essentially started over.  This includes user accounts.  I will not be recreating past accounts, nor am I currently allowing public signup to the website.  This segues nicely to the design part of the changes.

I discovered recently that other organizations, some of them commercial, were scraping this site and taking ride plans and routes and using/selling them for their own gain.  I spend a good deal of time planning our rides and while most could easily be figured out with simple Google searches, some are very unique in nature.  Secondly, some of our riders are being harassed by spammers, scammers, and other people they really don’t care to talk to because their names appeared on the event signup page publicly.  Additionally, I have found it increasingly difficult to communicate with riders regarding rides.  Because of this, and a few other things, ride signup has changed.

First and foremost, a valid email address is required to sign up for any ride or event with 501Riders.  Please use one you check often as ALL ride information will be communicated via email.  That said, ride/event information, including stops, meet and ksu times and location, restaurants, etc, will be emailed to you upon a successful booking.  Any ride updates, such as route changes or event cancellation, will be sent to the same email address you signed up with.  If you are a registered user on 501riders.com, click here to verify your email address and other information.

Second.  A 501Riders.com account is no longer required to sign up for an event.  Simply visit the site and RSVP to any public ride or event listed.  As I mentioned above, most user accounts were deleted because of the bug.  Folks who ride with us regularly will be/have been given site access to login and see additional rides and events.  If you have a login account at 501riders.com, please login prior to booking.  You will get a slightly different form.

Third.  People who are signed up for an event will no longer be visible to the public.  Signup information is available only to leadership.

Hopefully, these changes will make things a tad easier on everyone going forward.  I have lots of great rides being planned for the rest of the year, and even some early next year!  Stay tuned to 501Riders.com for the latest rides and events.



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